SummerCore Houston 2015

I spent this week learning from @SteveBergen at SummerCore in Houston.  This was a rich experience for me in a variety of ways.  We discussed any number of Web 2.0 apps, including a lot about Google Drive and Google Sites.  I learned that there are add-ons to google drive that allow me to type LaTeX formatted math equations without needing to know LaTeX.  I learned ways to Screencast and use Class Kick to watch students work from the iPads in real time.  I refreshed my knowledge of some basic computer vocab and even put that knowledge to good use in the $33 contest on Thursday.

But most of all, I learned from watching a master teacher at work.  I learned how to differentiate using JV and Varsity problems to keep all levels of students involved.  I learned that engagement is the most important thing we do as teachers, and technology used well can promote engagement. I learned to say “I’m so glad you asked that question!” after every question, and show that I mean in it the respectful tone of my answer.  And I learned to put my money where my mouth is, spending time at lunches and after school answering student questions.

If you have the opportunity to attend SummerCore (or its iPad corollary, iCore), I highly recommend that you do so.  No matter what your level of technical expertise, you will come away a better teacher for it.


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