Ready, set, go!

Well, another school year is off to a rip roaring start.  This year in addition to new students, I have a new school, new grade level, new curricula, and wonderful new tools to use thanks to the #MTBoS.  Five years ago I wanted to change my stale old teaching method and didn’t know how to do it.  Now I have so many ideas, my brain is exploding and I can’t figure out where to fit them all in.  Would this concept be good with classkick?  What about desmos?  Should I ask the kids to download nearpod?  Have I included enough movement in the lesson?  Is there enough skills practice?  Do I have time to retool this lesson before tomorrow?  And is it ok to just give notes occasionally if I run out of time?

I’m so grateful to have an administration that values a growth mindset in their teachers.  I have so many things I want to try, and I know some will fail.  But I will learn, and tweak, and try again.  And some will be home runs, like @joboalaer’s Week of Inspirational Math.  I’m excited to see what the year brings.  Hopefully, my students are as well.


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