Matching equivalent fractions, decimals, percentages

This week, we did a card matching activity.  With help from my husband we created cards with a pie chart representation of the fraction and a representation with boxes.  I created cards with the fractions, decimals, and percentages.  I included some that had no visual but were percentages below 1% and above 100%.  So, each group either contains 2 visuals, 2 fractions, 1 decimal, 1 percentage, or just 1 fraction, 1 decimal, 1 percentage.

Students worked in groups to match the cards that had equal value.  My only rule was that everyone had to participate, and there were plenty of cards for everyone to have some.  It took my sixth graders about 25-30 minutes to group all the cards.  Some groups did not finish in 30 minutes (at which point we needed to move on to the next activity.)  When I do this next year, I may reduce the number of cards to make the activity less visually overwhelming.

Card Sort 1    Card Sort 2

I don’t know if they got as much practice translating between forms as I would have liked.  Most groups changed everything into fractions, so they still weren’t sure how to convert between decimals and percentages.  (Which my book teaches by “move the decimal”.  I need to buy McGraw Hill a copy of “Nix the Tricks.”)

Overall it was a valuable lesson.  I would be interested in suggestions on how to make it even better for next year. Here are the cards in Word and PDF format.  Let me know if you use them!

Conversion practice cards

Conversion Practice Cards


3 thoughts on “Matching equivalent fractions, decimals, percentages

    1. kdhowe1 Post author

      That’s an interesting idea. When we started integers, we went outside and made a human clothesline in the courtyard (blog post coming, I loved that lesson!) When we got to negative rational numbers, they had forgotten how to change a fraction into a decimal, and I had to remind/reteach that idea. When we start variables, I think a clothesline will be invaluable.


  1. saomalley

    I’m going to give these cards a try in a few weeks, thanks for sharing! I first tried to check this out through the MTBoS activity bank but that link is broken, thought you might like to know!



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