Creating Math Clocks

This week in my pre-Algebra class, we reviewed order of operations.  To give my students an opportunity to be creative, I assigned an activity that someone in the #MTBoS had either tweeted or blogged about – writing expressions that create the hours on a clock face.  (If you know who that was, please mention it in the comments so I can give proper credit.) [Update: I see that the blog where I found this activity is called Coefficients of Determination, but I can’t find that blog to identify the author.  Thank you, whoever you are!]

I suggested to students that they divide up the work between the members of the group. Then, when they were done writing their expressions, I suggested they trade with someone else in the group to check their answers.  I stressed that everyone was responsible for all 12 expressions being correct.  Once the problems had been checked, they were copied onto a blank clock face that I downloaded and enlarged on the copier.  Next week I will laminate them and hang them in my room.

The kids really enjoyed their work and definitely got involved in trying to show off what they knew.  I suggested that they include exponents, decimals, fractions, etc.  Working in groups of 3 or 4, everyone was able to finish their clock in one 45-minute class period.

I think this one is definitely a keeper!  I will use it with my sixth graders when we come to order of operations as well.

Here are some pictures of the works in progress:IMG_0211.jpgIMG_0210.jpgIMG_0209.jpg




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